Organic, Biodynamic, Natural wines, South Rhone Valley wine tours.

Organic, Biodynamic, Natural wines, South Rhone Valley wine tours.

More respectful philosophies of the nature by wine growing and winemaking.

Discover organic, biodynamic and natural wines, three types of wine that are more environmentally friendly.

Organic wine is regulated by European specifications. It guarantees that no chemical has been used to treat the vines, that no herbicide has been applied to get rid of the grass, which requires working mechanically. For fertilization, only natural products are authorized. Regarding the vinification work, the addition of oenological products is authorized only if they are certified organic (yeasts, bacteria, enzymes, tartaric acid …). The maximum authorized doses of sulfur for organic wines range from 100 to 370 mg / liter.

For Biodynamic wine, there is no European regulation. This viticulture method is a superior and more natural step compared to organic farming. The fundamental principles are, an improvement of the ground and the plant by preparations resulting from vegetable, animal and mineral matters; The application of these preparations at specific times depending on the vine’s vegetation cycles and in relation to the lunar and planetary calendar; Tillage by plowing and doodling. The addition of products during vinification is very limited and the authorized sulfur doses are at most 90 mg / liter.

Natural wine or natural wine is the result of a philosophical choice aimed at finding the natural expression of the terroir. It comes from grapes worked in Organic or Biodynamic Agriculture, without weedkillers, pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic products. The harvest is manual and during the winemaking the winemaker strives to keep the wine alive. Technical interventions that can alter the bacterial life of wine are prohibited, as well as any addition of chemical, with the exception, if necessary, of sulphites in very small quantities. The maximum tolerated doses of sulfur are 30mg / l for the reds, 40mg / l for the whites.

Organic, Biodynamic, Natural wine tours program:

  • OBN Full Day Organic, Biodynamic, Natural Wine Tour
    Non private (from 2 to 8 person): starting from 170€/person.
    Morning: A walk through the vineyard to discover the Terroir. I will explain the singularity of the Terroir, characteristics and the origin of the formation of soils, the connection between the climate, the wine growing, and the grape varieties.
    Commented wine tasting session in a family run winery in The South of the Rhone Valley.

    Lunch: I take care of booking your table in a « Provençal » typical restaurant (To be paid directly).
    Afternoon: Commented wine tasting session in 2 more family run wineries in Châteauneuf du Pape (detailed tour of the wineries, wine-making unit and aging cellar).
    Pick-up and drop-off services in Châteauneuf du Pape.

  • Private Tour Option:
    We offer you a more intimate immersion with the privatization of the vehicle, visits and tastings.
    Full Day Private: starting from 275€/person.
    Pick-up and drop-off services from Aix en Provence, Marseille, Gordes, Saint-Remy de Provence, Uzes, Arles, Nîmes, et cetera.

Additional comments:

  • No Half Day Tour: OBN Southern Rhone Valley Wine Tour is only availble in a Full Day formula.
  • It is not possible to take a reservation for only one person.
  • The minimum number of people possible is 2.
  • The maximum number of people possible is 8.
  • Larger groups are possible under request.

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